Mountain Lighting Fixtures

Kevin Clark Originals Custom Mountain Lighting products bring the beauty of the outdoors into the living environment through a wide range use of Antler, Iron, Bronze, Alabaster, Mica, Etched, Carved & Sculptured Glass and much more. Our Mountain Lighting is a one of a kind home product that recreates the grace and elegance of nature into artfully designed, high quality home furnishing to be enjoyed for many generations. UL Listed and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Custom Art Lighting

“Kevin Clark Originals” Custom Art Lighting products are made in the scenic valley of Western Colorado. We use the beauty of the surrounding areas to help create the Mountain Lighting Series. Originating out of Florida 20 years ago, the seas are forever in Kevin’s soul creating the Ocean Lighting Series. The realization of fine traditional and custom lighting has increased Kevin’s product line to no end. Etched, Carved and Sculptured Glass, Bronze, Hand Forged Iron, Alabaster, Antler and much more go into creating a one of a kind product you will be proud to own. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

All Fixtures are UL approved and certified for dry and damp locations.


Ocean Lighting Fixtures

Kevin Clark Originals Custom Ocean Lighting products, in etched, carved & sculptured glass and white & amber Alabaster, imported from Spain, brings the beauty of the ocean sea to your living environment. From Bronze Marlin, Sailfish & Dorado to Turtles and starfish, our Ocean Lighting is functional art work that can be enjoyed at your home, office or yacht. The choices are endless as deep as the sea!
UL Listed and 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!
All Exterior Fixtures can be made to with stand the elements. Dry & Damp Locations.

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Etched, Carved & Sculptured Glass

KEVIN CLARK ORIGINALS three dimensional Etched, Carved and Sculptured Glass is perfect for entry doors, transoms, sidelights, windows and mirrors. Customize your home with one of our mountain landscape scenes with elk, aspen trees and leaves, horses, trout, or eagles or anything you heart desires. We can help you custom create any theme to represent your personal sense and style. From Mountains to Oceans!

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Bronze and Iron Fireplaces

Create a unique statement for your home with one of our designs. Fireplace overlays in any size, with glass or wire mesh. We can ensure you that your home will have that “special touch and personality”.
Our fireplace doors and screens are hand crafted with bronze and iron that provide
strong elements that will ensure these functional pieces of art with amazing durability.

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Hand Forged Iron & Bronze Railing

Decorative Iron Railing – Hand Forged Iron Doors, Overlays, Railing, Gates & Staircases created with Pine, Aspen, Oak, Grape & Architectural Detail. Powder coated for exterior use. Soft rubbed bronze, wrought iron black, rust and polished raw steel silver.

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