About Kevin Clark Originals

About Kevin Clark Originals – Kevin Clark

About Kevin Clark Originals. We are a group of employed artists & craftsmen following the creative visions of Kevin Clark’s designs. We build a variety of fine features to enhance the elegance of your home, business or private retreat.  Originating in South Florida more than two decades ago, and now located in scenic western Colorado. KCO draws upon natural beauty of these regions to bring classic outdoor landscapes to life in fully functional home accessories.

Most important, whether designing a freestanding Bronze Sculpture of Fighting Bull Elk.  A waterfall of jumping rainbow trout or a chandelier with blue marlin leaping from the sea.  KCO utilizes the best available materials including: Etched, Carved & Sculptured Glass, Bronze, Hand Forged Iron, Alabaster, Mica & Antler etc.  Products range in shape and size and can also be customized to respond to unique locations or conditions.

My ideas come from the belief that the possibilities for combining functional abstract art are endless as the imagination.  I strive to channel creative energy in my heart and soul to design unique and innovative pieces of art that are cherished by many.  Equally important are various influencing factors in my life that allow me to be creative. They stem from family and friends, to the sounds, colors, and textures that exist in nature.  A self-driven force, blended with my imagination and ambition, caused me to excel and enables me to constantly evolve.  Regardless, it’s my goal to show my creativity to have a positive influence on others; to touch and inspire their lives, in motions and emotions.

However, from large scale commercial interiors to intimate bedroom or front porches. Kevin Clark Originals provides distinctive and practical designs for those who seek original, quality artwork. UL Listed and 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Kevin Clark Originals