Custom Antler Chandeliers from Kevin Clark Originals.  KCO’s lighting fixtures handcrafted to the highest quality.  Natural drop, real shed antler used for our lighting fixtures.  In addition to; Elk, Fallow, Moose, Whitetail and Mule Deer Antlers are used to create Custom Antler Chandeliers special Lighting Fixtures. For any area Antler celebrates the beauty of nature in your home from the great outdoors.  But; if you are inspired by exotic horn chandeliers we work with African Kudu Horn, Gemsbok Antler and varies others.  In addition; KCO’s lighting fixtures include: chandeliers, sconces, game room lighting, swimming pool room lighting, floor lamps, poolroom lighting, pot rack lighting, kitchen lighting, antler chairs, antler candle holders, wall decor and more.  Hence, a never ending art customized to your liking.  Build your custom antler lighting fixture to achieve your desired look today!

Yet, if shades suite your need, choose between colorful art glass shades or our rustic rawhide shades.  Dimensions customized especially to your specifications.  Some other materials besides antler that we can incorporate into our lighting fixtures is: Iron, Bronze, Glass, Mica and Copper just to name a few.  Log home, mountain lighting to differentiate any area.


Antler Chandelier can be made with all antler or you can incorporate some iron, bronze, glass or mica to customized fixtures.

Kevin Clark Originals