Antler Light Fixtures

Antler Light Fixtures and Vanities from Kevin Clark uses natural drop shed Antler.  Some of the antler that we use includes: Elk, Fallow, Moose, Whitetail and Mule Deer Antlers. We also work with African Kudu Antler Horn, Gemsbok Antler and other varieties as well.  After all; these different types of antler allows Kevin to create a very special Antler Lighting Fixture for any room.

In fact; KCO’s lighting fixtures also helps celebrate the beauty of nature into your home.  Besides, it is a never ending art customized to your liking.  Antler lighting can be made to your dimensions and specifications.

These custom antler light fixtures are great for mountain log homes. In addition; from your kitchen to your bathroom.  These light fixtures distribute an even amount of light and style to any room.  Including your game room as well.  We clearly have you covered for all of your lighting needs.  These fixtures will bring out the elegance and style in any room.  Call us to get started today!  Look forward to hearing from you. 970-874-0884.  Don’t forget to enhance your room by adding a matching mirror and any other accessories.  To sum it all up; let KCO be your next choice for all of your lighting needs.


Kevin Clark Originals