Carved, Etched, Sculptured Glass

KCO’s, Carved, Etched, Sculptured Glass.  You can choose this glass for areas such as: entry, wine room, bathroom, and kitchen.  It is perfect for windows, mirrors, shower doors, table tops & cabinets. Design your home with on of Kevin Clark Originals mountain landscape scenes with elk, aspen tree scene, grape leaf detail or an ocean scene.  Add some turtles, horses, trout, marlin, or an eagles these will definitely add character to your home.  So many options to choose from.  Therefore: let your imagination run wild!  

KCO’s custom entry door thermal unit glass is made with two pieces of glass. The thermal unit glass is carved on three sides; to give a three dimensional look.  Smooth side of glass is on the outside.  Photos below to give you some design ideas.  Customize your personal space to create a unique look with a creative piece of art for all of your areas in your home.  Whether it being in the front entry, kitchen, bath room or hall way.  Give us a call today to help you create the best ambiance for your interior designing needs. Carved, Etched, Sculptured Glass from Kevin Clark Originals will compliment any room with style and elegance.  Let your creativity shine.   Residential or Commercial projects all hand-made specifically to your specifications.  

Kevin Clark Originals