Carved Glass Vases

Carved Glass Vases from Kevin Clark Originals are a unique piece of art to cherish for a lifetime.  KCO carved vases will definitely be a great addition to any room.   Also a great enhancement for any setting.  Be creative we can carve just about anything from falling aspen leaves, rose leaves to animal detail.

In fact; these carved glass vases are a great gift idea for recognizing Birthdays, Graduations, Retirement or an Anniversary or Christmas gift.  They also represent a sign of appreciation and gratitude.  Help us create a one of a kind piece of art for your home or for that very special someone.  Your carved vase will set the stage for your favorite flower blooms all year round.  These vases will shine any kitchen, dining room or table especially with flowers or candy.  These vases are show stoppers.  Don’t forget we can make all sorts of accessories.  Give us a call today to get started on your unique one of a kind art pieces.  Bring some character and color to your home.  Looking forward to working with you on your next custom project.  Let’s get creative and put some style into your domain.