Kevin Clark Originals Gallery 1- Client Residence Photos

The Custom Lighting Fixtures at the Schryver’s Residence, located in Western Colorado.  Some of the lighting fixtures include: a 60″ Double Iron Ring, Custom Chandeliers with motif of hand forged pine branches and cones.  These fixtures are adorned with Bronze Elk and Patina Trees.  A statement in the Dining Room is the 48″ x 22″ textured Aspen Branch Custom Chandelier .  This fixture has 16″ Candelabra Lights, LED Bulbs and UL Label.  Custom Carved and Sculptured Glass enhance the Entry with Bronze Elk Sculptured Glass Lights.  The Custom Stove Hood is personalized, one of a kind, Copper and Bronze Flying Fisherman Scene.  Iron Railing and Fireplace screens inside and outside.