Kevin Clark Originals Gallery 8 – Client Residence Photos

Kevin Clark Originals Gallery 8

Kevin Clark Originals Gallery 8- Client Residence photos.

KCO Client photo gallery, from the interior to the exterior of this home Kevin Clark Originals designed the Carved Glass Thermal Unit Entry Doors with Aspen Trees and leave detail, the textured Pine kitchen Pendant Lighting, Simple Contemporary Pendant Lighting, Alabaster Pendant Light Fixtures, Mica Chandeliers and Scones, Custom Iron and Bronze Fight Elk two tier Chandelier, Fireplaces,  Antler Chandeliers, Antler wall Sconces  to simple sconces and more.  Iron, bronze, lighting and glass work was done throughout this home.  Get started designing your home today.  We have Oak, Aspen, Grape Leaf and Pine Detail.  We have also made Maple and Cottonwood leaves.

Lighting is Key.  It is most important in all homes! Vital indeed!  Make your home different from the rest.  It is time to make your home really stand out!  Thank you for taking your time to view through our Gallery.  Please give us a call if you have any questions and to help you to make your home more significant.  970-874-0884.  We are looking forward to helping you with your next lighting, iron, bronze or glass projects.

Kevin Clark Originals