Mountain Lighting Fixtures: Mountain Chandeliers & Light Fixtures

Mountain Light Fixtures certainly brings the beauty of the outdoors into your home.  KCO uses a wide range use of Iron, Bronze, Alabaster, Mica, Sculptured Glass, Carved Glass Light Fixtures, Etched Glass & Antler.Our Mountain Lighting Fixtures are a one of a kind product.  These Custom Chandeliers, Custom Wall Light Fixtures & Sconces recreates the grace and elegance of nature into your home.  KCOs’ Custom Light Fixtures are artfully designed, high quality furnishing to be enjoyed for many generations.  

Custom Light Fixtures are made to fit your room Size, Style and Theme.  Available Chandelier Widths range from: 24″- 72″ Height range: 21″-82″ Single,  Two Tier or and Three Tier Custom Chandeliers.  Aspen, Pine, Oak or Grape Vine Detail.  Frosted Glass or Textured Glass. Gold or Silver Mica Inserts.  Alabaster Bowl Options-Gold or White 16″, 19″, 23″ and 36″. Rawhide Bowls Custom Sizes.

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Kevin Clark Originals custom makes Mountain Lighting Fixtures with Sculptured Glass & Mica.  These Light Fixtures as a result will project an elegance and a sophistication to any room.   It will not only enlighten rooms, but the entire atmosphere.  Width: 24″/4 Arm, 28″ & 32″/5 Arm, 36″ &  38″/6 Arm.  Optional Down light Available, Aspen, Pine, Oak or Grape Vine Detail Chandeliers


Kevin Clark Originals, Rectangle Custom Light Fixtures are available in three sizes:  48″ L x 24″ W, 54″ L x 28″ W, 62″ L x 38″ W.  We Can Custom Create Any Size to Fit Your Space.  These fixtures are great for any area.  Outside Kitchen Dining Areas, Kitchen & Dining Room we also have Custom Pot Racks.


KCO’s makes an array of Lighting from let us help you with all of your Custom Indoor Light Fixtures or Custom Outdoor Light Fixture needs. We have Bathroom Light Fixtures, Kitchen Light FixturesHelp us create your new light fixtures.

 Fixtures are available in three sizes:  

48″ L x 24″ W, 54″ L x 28″ W, 62″ L x 38″ W 

We Can Custom Create Any Size to Fit Your Space.