Kevin Clark Originals Portfolio of Clients, Galleries & Testimonials

Thank you for taking your time to view Kevin Clark Originals Portfolio. Below are some finished photos of clients homes and businesses. I hope this give you some decorating inspirational ideas to get you started on customizing your home.

A large open door leading to an indoor dining room.

Kevin Clark Originals Portfolio


In a word——WOW!!! From the outdoor lanterns & fighting elk to the sconces for the lower hallway to the fireplaces. Everything looked AMAZING! I absolutely loved the mantel and fireplace doors, etc., both outside and inside; it was just the “look” that I was hoping for. That lodge room mantel was absolutely gorgeous, and the simple doors with the aspen leaves above were the perfect touch. The trout handles on the fireplace outside added character to those doors. I can hardly wait to see the rest of your work.

Thanks for your artistic guidance and incomparable work, Kevin. The fixtures are truly pieces of art and will make our home something extra special. We love our home and have gotten may great comments about your fixtures.

Denise S.